Welcome to John Flynn Place Museum and Art Gallery.

John Flynn Place Museum, Cloncurry, honours an iconic Australian visionary and those who joined his campaign of improving the quality of life for remote Australia.

The museum records an era of innovation for technology and medical advances when aviation and radio overcame the adversity of isolation in Outback Australia. The centre honours the role of Cloncurry as the birthplace of the Royal Flying Doctors service and the launching site of John Flynn’s ambitious dreams into reality.

Purposed with commemorating the life and work of pioneer radio engineers and radio operators, the original flying doctors, the first aerial medical pilots and early patrol padres. Displays include tributes to the accomplishments of Rev. John Flynn and his companions with the following legacy they left behind, shaping the standards of heath and support across Australia.

The John Flynn Place Museum and Art Gallery is set across three levels which are linked via ramps that are wheelchair friendly. For more information on the displays, click here.